The Headley Dixon Team – Selling in a Shifting Market

A market shift is a positive or negative swing in supply, demand, or other market conditions that will affect the process and/or sell-ability of home in Southern Oregon.

We’ve been talking about an impending market shift coming to the Rogue Valley and we are certain now that it is here! A shift isn’t nearly as scary as it may sound and we are not predicting a fall out like what happened in 2007 and 2008 but there are certainly some challenges and opportunities that take place during a shift that we want you to know about.

  • Why do market shifts happen?
  • Evidence of a shift in our local real estate market.
  • What you can do to prepare yourself to sell during a market shift.
  • Strategies to find the right buyer during a shifting market and after.
  • What tools the Headley Dixon Team uses to sell homes
  • Special strategies we use to effectively sell your home during a shift.
  • Provide you with a FREE no hassle market analysis of your home, neighborhood specific, and more details!

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