Preparing Your Home For Sale

One of the three P’s in our marketing strategy relies heavily on you and your motivation. Preparation is taking your home and making it ready for market. This doesn’t necessarily mean to completely renovate but small little touches can go a long way to getting your home sold fast.

To start, we like to walk through your home and take notes on the condition. This is mostly to let you know what things to do for financing. For example, is there chipped or flaking paint on your home? Certain financing options buyers qualify for will ‘call out’ those kinds of repairs when the appraiser comes out to valuate your home. Why not get a head of the game and touch up paint?

The biggest thing though is decluttering and boxing up the knick-knacks, steam cleaning carpets, and tidying up. Also, cleaning up the yard, adding some curb appeal. Remember, first impressions are the most important. When a buyer is walking up to your home, you want to give them to best first impression. So keeping the front step clean, add flowers, etc.

​We are happy to give you some insight but here’s a fact; homes that are prepared in advance sell faster and at a higher sales price than those that don’t. We also understand that you actually LIVE in your home, or you have tenants who LIVE in your home, and it’s hard to keep a home tidy if you’ve got kids. We completely understand and can give you a few tips and tricks!