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This person will help you find the right home, make the biggest purchase of your life, and commit to putting your needs in high definition!

Buying a home is an arduous task especially if you are new to an area, don’t know what homes are like at different price ranges, and negotiating contracts can be daunting to a buyer flying solo. Having an agent representing you and only you is tantamount to you staying in the corner and we go into the ring for you. This is all about you, your needs, wants, and what you enjoying doing. There are a plethora of homes in Southern Oregon that will meet the needs for anyone. Whether you are a simple bachelor/ette, a family of a few or many, or a retiree with a toys to find storage for and loads of hobbies. We are here to help you narrow your needs and wants to find just the right home.

Once you’ve found just the right place, take a look at the following 15 tips to save money on your purchase, especially important for first-time home buyers.

​​This infographic was written by Jake Durtschi, owner of Jacob Grant Property Management located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.